The Root of the Andes and its incredible health benefits.

Did you know that black Maca is an Andean superfood that will boost your physical performance? Discover its origin in this informative blog.   Maca, known scientifically as Lepidium meyenii, is a crop native to the central Andes of Peru and has been cultivated at high altitudes between 3800 and 4500 meters above sea level […]

Introducing Inca Alchemy: Exploring the Fusion of Tarwi, Cacao and Quinoa in Inka Golden

Inka Golden es un producto único que combina tres superalimentos andinos: tarwi, cacao y quinua. Tarwi, una leguminosa andina, ofrece una excelente fuente de proteínas de alta calidad, ácidos grasos omega-3 y fibra dietética para promover la salud digestiva y el control del azúcar en sangre. El cacao, rico en antioxidantes y compuestos que mejoran […]

Can regular fruit consumption lower blood cholesterol?

High cholesterol is mostly caused by adopting unhealthy habits, so we can improve our cardiovascular health by eating fruits. We have repeatedly heard how dangerous high cholesterol levels are, since this type of expression is not in vain, since due to an excessive concentration of this substance, fatty deposits can form in the blood vessels, […]

Prepare maca pancakes with Intikisa!

La maca es una planta que crece en las alturas de los Andes. Se cultiva como raíz desde hace al menos 3.000 años. Los medicamentos también se elaboran a partir de la raíz, pero no hay suficiente información confiable sobre cómo funciona la maca. Las personas toman maca por vía oral para la infertilidad masculina, […]

How can I start a new lifestyle?

We know how important is to you to stay healthy, and that’s why here we have some tips for you to start a new healthy lifestyle, because your health is the most important. To be realistic, changing our entire lifestyle to a healthy one is a little bit difficult, because we have adopted some routines […]

Increase your energy and control your weight with the right frequency of meals!

The number of times you eat per day can affect your health and well-being in a number of ways. Some research suggests that eating more frequently, but in smaller portions, may help with weight management and improve metabolic health. However, it’s also important to consider the quality of the food you eat and your total […]

Get a healthy body and mind with a balanced diet!

Having a balanced diet is important to maintain good health and well-being over time. A balanced diet includes a variety of foods from all the food groups in adequate amounts, providing all the necessary nutrients for the body. Here are some tips for having a balanced diet: Include a variety of foods: Try to include […]